New Ventures Advisory

As part of the New Venture Advisory business line, Upstream Solutions can support you on every aspect of E & P block bidding process right from technical evaluation to economic evaluation and strategy formulation to final bid preparation. Our Experts are highly experienced in E & P block evaluations and individually have significant experience of advising Oil Companies on bidding for E & P acreage licensing specially South Asian & South East Asian or Asian countries.
We provide one stop support including block wise as well as field wise bidding strategy; partner searching, if required; development of financial models evaluating each asset; preparation of bids as per the format prescribed by or as per the requirement of concerned statutory body; and post bid assessment of the bidding round and making suggestions for improvements to the Client for successive bid rounds. We advise based on thorough analysis of risk and rewards.
We can support you in
  • Technical and commercial evaluation of data available including budgetary estimation of the block reserves (revenue modeling), Capex and Opex modeling.
  • Strategy formulation and final bid preparation.
  • Preparation and Submission / Approval of Field Development Plan

The “New Venture Advisory” business line has been specially developed to provide support to Prospective Bidders for New Fields and Marginal Fields and to help those who desire to invest and farm into an existing project.