Jaideep Singh Nakai

Mr. Jaideep Singh Nakai has vast experience with Drilling Contractors with a track record of delivering high value offshore and onshore projects and drilling contracts with highest safety standards at optimum efficiency.
He has operated conventional offshore and onshore drilling contracts such as turn-key contracts, jack-up operations with bundle services and conventional floater contracts. Headed jack-up rig operations for areas in the eastern hemisphere including Saudi Arabia, India, Vietnam and Malaysia. Supervised and operated land rigs in India, Libya, and Saudi Arabia.
He has long years of experience with refurbishment and major upgrades of jack-up rigs as well as building new jack-up rigs in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Dubai and Bahrain in addition to building and refurbishment of new land rigs in the United States and China.
Mr. Jaideeep Singh Nakai supports Upstream Solutions with his knowledge and experience in managing large drilling engineering and rig construction projects.
Mr. Jaideep Singh Nakai has a Mechanical Engineering background.

Ahmed Makhzoumi

Mr. Ahmed Makhzoumi, MBA, BSc, SSLP; has over 22 years of experience in leadership roles with MNCs managing geographical markets of Middle East – North Africa, USA and Canada and international sales in Oil and Gas Service Companies and Equipment Manufacturers. His marketing acumen along with first hand operational and financial management is an asset.
His guidance and advice on the development of Upstream Solutions capabilities through the synergy of efforts and resources and advice in penetrating newer markets is very well respected.
Mr. Ahmed Makhzoumi has an Engineering background with an MBA and Six Sigma Lean Professional certification

Dr. L. S. Pachauri

Dr. L. S. Pachauri started his career as a Research Scholar in the field of Polymers at the prestigious University of Delhi in India in 1973 under the CSIR Fellowship Program. He then went on to be a Lecturer in Chemistry at the University of Delhi from 1977 to 1982 prior to joining Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC), India in 1982 as Chemist. Dr. Pachauri worked with ONGC from 1982 until his superannuation in 2011 and worked on various challenging environments in several capacities. He has worked on projects in West and North-East India, Onshore and Western and Eastern India, Offshore. Since 2011 he has worked with USPL as a Drilling Fluids Consultant on our project in South East of Asia (Myanmar). He has proven experience in designing and running conventional water-based mud systems such as “Bentonite based CL / CFLS System” as well as contemporary water-based systems such as “XC Polymer / Drilling Starch / Salt Saturated System” and “XC Polymer / PHPA / KCl / Glycol / Polyamine / Sulfonated Asphalt”. He is also highly experienced in designing and running specialized mud systems namely Non-Damaging Drilling Fluids systems, HTHP (SPNHS-27 / HSS / Green Lube) water-based system, High-Performance Water Based System (Kla-Gard and Boremax systems) and Synthetic Oil Based Mud Systems. Dr. Pachauri holds graduation in Chemistry and a post-graduation in Physical Chemistry from the University of Rajasthan, India and a Doctorate in Polymers from the University of Delhi, India.