Procurement & Material Management

Procurement and Material / Inventory Management are a key component of a project life cycle. In a recessionary market, where profits and profitability of a project is always under pressure, dead inventory sitting on the shelf and long lead time in procurement and delivery of the critical spares, equipment or services can cost money.

At Upstream Solutions, with our project planning experience and capabilities, we are able to identify the spares, equipment and services on the critical path of the project and can calibrate the process to achieve minimum cost by eliminating artificially created emergencies.

We help you in:

  1. Identifying the procurement requirement
  2. Sourcing tangibles and services
  3. Identifying and selecting vendors, Setting up vendor qualifying criteria and evaluating vendors
  4. Preparing RFQ & Tender along with evaluation criteria for bidders
  5. Techno – Commercial evaluation of bids
  6. Negotiation and finalizing contracts
  7. Logistics management from ware house to site and back
  8. Inspection of the goods and services at vendor facility and on receipt at the site
  9. Setting up warehousing and logistics facilities