Whom We Can Serve

The Prospective Clients for Upstream Solutions Are:

  • Existing small and medium E&P Companies who want to save money by not recruiting expensive expertise for their short drilling / testing campaigns
  • Large E&P Companies who do not want to commit their precious resources to isolated small projects
  • Block Owners requiring enhanced knowledge support in G & G, Drilling and completion of the wells in the exploratory, appraisal or development phases of the field
  • Drilling Contractors desirous of establishing quality rig management and support systems in line with the requirements of the modern drilling industry
  • New Investors and Start-Ups desirous of investing in Oil and Gas industry
  • Government and Regulatory Bodies requiring specialist technical services for establishing an independent third party review as required
  • Private equity and other financial institutions requiring expert technical analysis and evaluation for making financial decisions and / or investments